2015-2016 Competition Teams
Green Team
Top row: Krista Inwood, Paige Redlin, Isabelle Mazza -- Middle row: Elle Nielson, Ali Lindsey, Katy Olsen, Syriana Sabbagh -- Bottom row: Hannah Redd, Olivia Frost, Aubree Kimber -- Not shown: Aspen Van Vliet
Orange Team
Top row: Ahmree McKissick, Mareijka Kessler, Sydney Miller, Johanne Miller, Jillyn Fisher -- Bottom row: Ruby Sanchez, Maggie Adams, Rylee Streeper -- Not shown: Annabelle Richards, Emi Birch
Blue Team
Top row: Tia Sorensen, Kya Boswell, Jamie Child, Kemayla Smith, Karly Campbell -- Bottom row: Avery Weathers, Khloe Shaw, Hadlie Stevenson, Trinty Citte -- Not shown: Brooklyn Campbell, Julie Ray
Junior Team
Top row: Anna Sheffield, Abigail Dial, Claire Kronmiller, Ellie Heiner -- Bottom: Talulah Espinosa, Shayley Putnam, Emma Romero, Brooklyn Richards -- Not shown: Cadee Sorensen
Purple Team
Top row: Aimee Stubbs, Jessica Wertz, Bridget Timpke -- Middle row: Carmen Sanchez, Morgan Hathaway, Tylee Boswell -- Bottom row: Kendra Anderson, Mia Larrabee, Gracie Short -- Not shown: Amberlie Garfield, Sierra Garfield
Pink Team
Top row: Sadie Dixon, Mckall Lindsay, Kate Shaw, Kaya Turner -- Bottom row: Emree Dixon, Syaliea Sabbagh, Olivia Lindsey, Grace Woodfall, Ilea Guiterrez, Maggie Dixon -- Not shown: Aspen Fahrni, Hadlee Hales
Mini Team

Energy swagger.

Competition season is just around the corner.

Do you have your Energy Dance swag to wear to the events?!

Every year group of parents, our advocates, put together team building parties and banquets for our dancers. This year they’re selling Energy Dance Crew shirts to wear to competitions. All proceeds go directly to funding these extra activities for the girls rather than including costs in tuition.

Please show your support, click here to order.

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 About our studio

Energy Dance Company is a positive, safe, and fun environment for anyone with a passion for the performing arts. We offer a variety of classes for all ages. At Energy Dance Company, everyone with a desire to dance is given the opportunity. Dancers can choose how involved and what type of training they would like to receive. Energy Dance Company offers highly trained instructors who provide technical and cutting edge dance instruction, as well as a fun and upbeat learning environment. Our dance instructors will not only build technical dancers, but will also enhance creativity and self esteem. Anyone who enters Energy Dance Company will leave feeling great about his or her strengths, accomplishments and abilities.