About our studio

Energy Dance Company is a positive, safe, and fun environment for anyone with a passion for the performing arts. We offer a variety of classes for all ages. At Energy Dance Company, everyone with a desire to dance is given the opportunity. Dancers can choose how involved and what type of training they would like to receive. Energy Dance Company offers highly trained instructors who provide technical and cutting edge dance instruction, as well as a fun and upbeat learning environment. Our dance instructors will not only build technical dancers, but will also enhance creativity and self esteem. Anyone who enters Energy Dance Company will leave feeling great about his or her strengths, accomplishments and abilities.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote and share the joy of the performing arts through high quality dance education, personal development and performances. As a studio our goal is to provide an environment which promotes dedicated, creative, and confident individuals.
One of the things that sets our studio apart from others is the quality of teachers, their experience, the curriculum and professionalism that exists. It is important to us that we offer quality in studio instruction and performance venues. We are thrilled to expand our program and are committed to providing and maintaining the excellence we have always provided throughout the years.

Offering classes in

Team Classes, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Mommy & Me, Tumbling, Tap, Flexibility, Audition Prep, Adult Classes, Cheer, Private Lessons, Contemporary, Lyrical, Ballroom, Zumba

Find us at:

1160 36th Street
South Ogden, Utah 84403


Office Hours:

Mondays: 4:00-6:00pm

Wednesdays 4:30-8:30pm

Thursdays 4:30-7:30pm






Chalee Rawlings