2017-2018 Academic Dance Season

Tuition is due at the first rehearsal of each month or paid in full at the first rehearsal of the season.

We offer a 10% discount for tuition paid in full by October 1st, 2017. Contact Michelle at accounting@energydanceco.com to pay in full.

Tuition must be paid in the studio or paid by logging into your account and paying with credit/debit or checking/savings or by auto pay by the first lesson (or 10th) of each month.

Tuition Rates

Recreation Classes

Premier Team

Total Cost: $215/month

Extreme Teams

Total Cost: $170/month

Junior Extreme Teams

Total Cost: $110/month

Tiny Team

Total: $90/month

Prep Teams

Total: $65/month



As long as a dancer is continually dancing, he/she will not need to pay another registration fee.  Current dancers (Summer 2017) do not have to pay a new registration fee to sign up for fall classes.   Dancers who take a break from dancing will need to pay a new registration fee when they come back to Energy Dance Company.

Late Fee

Tuition increases by $15.00 after the 10th of the month.  Tuition is based on 4 rehearsals each month. Tuition will remain the same for the entire 2017-2018 season.

Costume Fees

Each dancer registered will have to opportunity to perform in the Christmas and spring recitals.  There is a costume and costume fee in conjunction with each performance.  Costume fees average about $60.00 each.  Dancers may also be required to purchase tights (average $15) and dance shoes (average $20) as part of their costume as well.  Dancers who are in multiple classes may have the opportunity to rent a costume at a discounted rate rather than purchasing their own costume. Christmas costumes are all rentals.

Recital Fees

Each dancer who participates in our Spring Recital will have a $10 recital fee. The recital fee helps cover the expensive cost of renting the WSU Browning Center and paying it’s professional staff to run our recital and rehearsal. You will then be able to purchase tickets to attend the recital.


Tuition must be paid either by cash, or through the payment link when signed into your account, or by signing up for recurring payments.  Energy Dance Company does not accept personal checks for payment.

Payment Method Options

  1. Checking or Savings Account.  There are no additional fees in conjunction with this payment option. Declined ACH payments are considered a “Returned Check”. Returned Check fees are $20.00 each.
  2. Credit or Debit Recurring Charge (Credit or Debit Card).  There is an additional 2.5% charge per transaction.
  3. Cash Payment/Cashiers Check. Cash payments must be made by the 10th of each month to avoid a $15 late fee.  Cash payments must be given to an office staff member. We do not guarantee cash payments without a receipt printed by our office staff.  Energy Dance Company does not accept personal checks.

Automatic Payment

To Setup Recurring Payments

  1. Please sign into your Energy account
  2. Make your first payment with your preferred method.
  3. Click “recurring”

Your account will then be automatically charged for tuition and any additional fees that may be due (costume, recital fees, etc) on the 1st of each month.  If your account declines payment, you have until the 10th of the month to make a cash payment to avoid a $15 late fee.


Multiple Child Discount

Each additional child will receive $5.00 off tuition. (1st child: $40.00, 2nd child: $35.00, 3rd child: $35.00, etc)

Loyalty Program/Referral Discount

To show our appreciation to our families, we are offering a referral credit for bringing students to our studio. For each child referred, you will receive a discount off one child’s tuition as long as the referred dancer is taking a class.