Chalee Rawlings

Owner and Studio Director

Our Fearless Leader

Chalee Rawlings has one main goal as a dance teacher, it is to instill a love of dance into all who enter the studio. She consistently strives to teach her dancers to encourage each other as they express who they are through dance. She focuses on unity at the studio and creates an atmosphere of fun, safe learning for every student that walks through the door.

Chalee began expressing herself through dance at the age of 2. Her love for dance continued to grow through her childhood as she performed with many local companies. Chalee’s dream of owning a dance studio was planted inside since the age of 8. She studied at Weber State Universtiy and the University of Utah and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. She taught 3rd grade until 2010 when her dream of owning a dance studio came true… and Energy Dance Company has thrived and cultivated an atmosphere of positivity and growth ever since. Chalee has performed in the Rose Bowl in San Diego, California and hopes to recreate the same feeling/rush that she felt there for her students.

Chalee has received her pilot’s license and it always up for an adventure. She spends all of her free time with her husband and three children. 

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