Christon Chritchlow-Eastman

Principal Instructor

Our Brilliant and Imaginative Choreographer

Christon Chritchlow-Eastman is one of our most talented choreographers. She has won awards in judge’s choice, overall, and best choreography. Christon would like to one day travel the world and choreograph for companies and soloists. Her goal as a dance teacher is to help dancers in their journey of building self-confidence and reaching their goals.

Christon began dancing at the age of 3 in a expressions movement class. From this time, Christon knew she would make dance a large part of expressing herself. She continued to dance in high school and was asked to choreograph for her drill team at Weber High School. She has performed and studied at the University of Utah’s Ballet department and studied hip hop and jazz in California.

In her free time, Christon enjoys spending time with her family playing at the park and traveling. 

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