Wendy Turner

Principal Instructor

Meet our Swiss Army Knife… Wendy Turner

Wendy Turner was placed in a dance class at the age of 4 when she could not stop dancing around the house. Wendy has performed and taught at local companies where she focused on various dance types. Jazz, tap, ballet, hula, Irish hard and soft shoe, and theatre style choreography are just some areas of her expertise. Wendy has attended Disneyland performing arts and the NADDA Dance Convention where she learned to truly shine as an instructor and performer.

Her goal as a dance teacher is to help children open up and truly express themselves. Wendy has witnessed the potential of dancers who have been dedicated and motivated to achieve their goals.

Wendy loves to try new things and loves to spend time with her children. She also reads, cooks, snowboards, and does photography. Wendy knows that dance is an amazing outlet for feelings. She consistently looks forward to dance and is always seeking opportunities to help our dancers improve.

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