Auditions will be June 19th & 20th

June 19th: Clinics

June 20th: Auditions

Audition Technique: How to prepare

3-6year olds:

 7-9 year olds: All technique listed above and…

 10 and older: All technique listed above and…


Additional Info

At clinics dancers will learn & practice technique and a short routine that they will be asked to show at auditions on June 20th. Please come to the clinic and audition time for your dancer’s age as of (6/20/17). Our teams range in age from 4-18 years.

We will hold parent meetings in conjunction with Audition Clinics. New team parents are required to be at this meeting, it is optional for current team parents.  We will discuss policies and procedures, year overview, cost, and expectations for team dancers and parents. We will administer Dancer and Parent Commitment Contracts that must be signed and returned at auditions on June 20th.

Dancers should arrive 15 minutes early to their audition time.  Please wear all black dance attire, dance shoes, and have hair pulled back securely (please no half tops). Makeup is optional. We will pull dancers into audition room in groups. The dancers will be asked to show their routine and technique skills in front of judges (whom are the current teachers at Energy Dance Company).  Dancers will be judged and placed onto different teams based off of their age, ability level, and performance quality. The teachers will also take into account the work ethic and attitudes we have seen from the dancers in the past dance season.  Everyone who auditions WILL make one of our teams. We may ask to see a dancer multiple times, so do not leave until your entire group has been excused. You will receive an email stating your team placement by June 22nd. All team dancers are required to enroll in summer dance, and your required class schedule will be outlined in the email. Please get online and register for summer dance immediately following retrieval of your placement email.

A day or two following auditions, the dancers will receive an email indicating which team they have made.  This email will include a few items for the individual dancers to practice and improve on.  Tiny, Junior, Extreme and Elite Team dancers will receive a list of their required summer classes. Dancers also may have additional recommended classes listed that we feel may help your dancing improve to match the level we expect you to be at. Please register for summer dance immediately upon receiving your placement email. Once you are registered for Summer Dance, you contract become binding and you  are committed to your team for the entire 2017-2018 dance season (June 2017-June 2018).

Don’t forget to register for auditions online!